• Ö is a limited edition wine, made by Vetua Winery (from Monterosso) to celebrate its 10 years of activity. Only 1.300 bottles! 


    Grapes harvested manually all around the vineyards of Monterosso. 1 day of maceration on the skins; then aging on the fine lees for 1 year. 

    Refinement in bottle for 1 year. 


    CLASSIFICATION: White wine

    GRAPES: Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino

    COLOUR & BOUQUET: intense yellow with shades of gold; pleasant aroma of ripe fruits, citrus zest and wild yellow flowers. 

    TASTE: round, complete and smooth. Nice touch of the wine in the palate, fresh and quite long aftertaste.

    FOOD PAIRINGS: medium-seasoned cheeses, white meats, tuna 

    ALCOHOL: 13,5 % vol.

    "Ö" Cantina Vetua

    € 38,00Prezzo