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  • How the Nessun Dorma Memories box work?
    It's so easy darling! Go on our online store: Click on “Nessun Dorma Memories Box” Choose among the 21 selected products your favourite ones: max. 8 pieces for the food and max. 2 drinks including Limoncino Write the name and the quantity of the products you selected in the text box Then click on “add to cart” and complete the payment Prepare your belly! :) For the first 50 Nessun Dorma Memories boxes sold we’ll include freely our personalized postcard of Manarola and the Nessun Dorma Bag. Let us know if you like to send a special message to someone.
  • Can I substitute a food product inside the Nessun Dorma box with an other food product of the box?
    Yes, of course! ☺ Write us a note before the checkout on your “order summary” page (click on “add a note” on the lower left).
  • Can I add an extra bottle to the Nessun Dorma box?
    Yes of course! ☺ If you want to add one more bottle to the Nessun Dorma box (all types) you pay only 15€ extra of shipping cost (plus the price of the bottle). If you want to purchase more than one bottle you have to make an other order. To be sure ask by email more infos
  • Can I add one bottle of wine to the Let’s Pesto boxes?
    If you want to add one bottle of wine to the Let’s Pesto FOOD box the shipping cost is only 10€ more. If you want to add one bottle of wine to the Let’s Pesto FULL box you have to make an other oder.
  • What is the expiration date of the food products?
    We pack the products fresh before shipping them to you, in order to preserve in the best way their characteristics and leave to you enough time before consuming them. Once the jars are opened we suggest to put them in the fridge and to consume them within 3 days.
  • How long can I keep the wines in my cellar?
    The Cinque Terre wines lasts for a couple of years. The Sciacchetrà even more than 10 years!
  • Which are the misures of the mortar and pestle?
    The Carrara marbel mortar is 18 cm while the wodden pestle is 21cm.
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